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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

May 31, 2017


Microsoft is doing a lot in the streaming department. Switching Beam to Mixer and adding 2 new apps both to Android (MixerMixer Create) and iOS. We are all pretty interested and excited to see what this brings.


Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, has finally shown off what he's been working on for the past...

May 23, 2017


You may want to sit down and get comfortable for this one. 


We've got some new gaming deals that will definitely interest you. A few Apple MacBook rumors that may be coming to WWDC this year. 

Oh, and Google did a thing this past week. Landen has the rundown of everything (pretty much) that happened at I/O....

May 16, 2017


Not a lot happened this week... Just kidding!


Well kind of. There really isn't a lot from either Apple or Google. But Microsoft had their Build developers conference. And they are giving us a lot to talk about. And we all like what they have to say. 


Apple and Google, we hope you're paying attention. Cause this...

May 10, 2017

Apple still has lots of money. Google is helping you stay safe in Gmail. BlackBerry has a new (and pretty decent) phone ready for you to throw your money at. Microsoft announces a bunch of stuff. And we try to figure out just who this Surface Laptop is for.