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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Feb 19, 2019


Google: 1:22

- New AR features inside of Google Maps.


General Tech: 4:51

- LG will have a Crystal Sound OLED display.

- Updated opinion on the notch.

- Landen's Moto 360 is officially retired.


Microsoft: 26:26

- Google no longer considers Cortana a competitor.

- What should Microsoft do to 'fix' Cortana?



Feb 12, 2019


We switch things up this week and start with gaming!


Gaming: 1:06

- Apex Legends

- Xbox Live coming to other platforms.

- Microsoft Games Studios name change.

- New Xbox Game pass games.

- New Windows Insiders update info.


Microsoft: 29:52

- Microsoft partners with TomTom.

- New Mixed Reality updates.


Apple :...

Feb 7, 2019


Microsoft: 1:32

- Earnings Call.


Apple: 21:23

- Apple slaps Google and Facebook.

- American Airlines now lets you stream Apple Music for free.

- More evidence for new iPod Touch.

- Apple's streaming TV service could be coming in April.


General Tech: 37:25

- Umidigi A3 Pro review.


Google: 49:28

- uBreakiFix has...