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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Jul 28, 2020


Microsoft: 1:26

- NBA is going to use Microsoft Teams.


Apple: 9:26

- Metal dev tools coming to Windows.

- Patent for a new Apple Pencil.

- Apple is aiming for more 'direct to stream' movies.


General Tech: 24:24

- Peacock is now available from NBC.


Google: 28:11

- Dave Burke interview.

- Mark Levoy now at...

Jul 14, 2020


General Tech: 4:49

- Updated AMD processors. 


Apple: 7:39

- Radeon Pro W550X now available for Mac Pro.

- Lots of apps copy data from your clipboard.

- Public betas are available for all the things.

- This years iPhones may not ship with power adapters.


Microsoft: 21:00

- Teams is getting new features and...