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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Apr 17, 2019


Star Wars: 1:01


Microsoft: 24:08

- Outlook security breach.


Google: 28:36

- Android Q Beta 2 is available.

- YouTube TV is more expensive. But with more channels.

- Google+ is dead.

- Inbox is dead.


General Tech: 45:54

- LG G8


April Fools: 51:19

- Hyper Drive Ultimate Ultimate Hub.


Apple: 54:21

- iPhone rumors.

- Apple breaking up iTunes.

- Apple Podcasts web interface now has playback.

- Apple music may have overtaken Spotify in paid users.

- HomePod price drop.

- 16 in MacBook Pro not until 2021.


General Tech: 1:09:14

- Amazon is listening to Alexa queries.


Landen's opinions on Apple products: 1:10:48

- AirPods.

- New MacBook keyboard.


Gaming: 1:19:58

- Windows 10 Game bar updated.

- Xbox Game Pass.

- Microsoft Spring sale.

- Mobile Game Spotlight of the Week: Rest In Pieces, iOS Android

- Valve going back to the drawing board on Artifact.










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