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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Jul 9, 2019


Google: 1:25

- Google shows off Pixel 4.

- Night Sight coming to main Camera UI.

- Get notifications on Windows with the Your Phone app.

- Bill Gates regrets Windows Phone failure.

- Huawei can work with U.S. companies.

- Samsung CEO admits to pushing Galaxy Fold early.

- Galaxy Fold ready to ship.

- Note 10 to be announced on August 7.

- Samsung Galaxy first announced 10 years ago.


Apple: 51:21

- 2015 MacBook Pro recall. Check yours here.

- 16" MacBook Pro rumored for September.

- FaceTime Attention Correction in iOS 13.

- Jony Ive is leaving Apple.

- Butterfly Switch keyboard is on the way out!

- Direct cable transfer between iPhones.

- Cheaper iPhone with no faceID rumored for China.


General Tech: 1:14:53

- Xiaomi introduces Mimoji.

- Display Port 2.0 standard released.


Microsoft: 1:21:43

- Windows 1.1.

- Insider Programs hub.


Gaming: 1:26:30

- Cuphead DLC pushed back to 2020.

- Xbox Game Pass games coming and leaving.

- Games with Gold.

- Steam Summer Sale.

- Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

- Nintendo working on the next version of the Switch.

- GTX Super Cards. 










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