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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Aug 8, 2017


This week we've got everything from some big time Apple leaks to all of us complaining about Windows. In other words, just another week at Calling All Platforms.



- Homepod firmware was 'leaked' giving us some new information about the next iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and I guess a little Homepod info. 


Caleb gives his mini review of Microsoft Teams.



- August security updates are available

- Google's Back to School deals

- More Pixel leaks. Including the lack of a headphone jack.

- Galaxy S8 Active is now available


After finding out some new features about the newest Mario Kart from our friends at Extra Guac Podcast, Landen now really wants a switch.



- Eye control features are coming to Windows 10

- Lots of new feature are coming to Groove, including a visualizer. (Welcome to 2001)

- Edge is gaining the ability to migrate information from Chrome. Which apparently wasn't a thing before.

- Xbox is getting some new UI tweaks. 



- Hellblade: Senua's Sacrafice is available

- Overwatch Summer Games