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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Aug 22, 2017

 Sit back and relax. Lot's of news from the Android and gaming worlds. And a bit from Apple. And Wes takes us down memory lane.


General Tech:

- Comcast is now a mobile network provider.



- Instant Apps are now available for devices running 6.0 and above.

- New Chromebook Pixel and smaller Google Home may be announced with the new Pixel phones.

- You can now make free phone calls via Google Home

- Android 8.0 Oreo is official and is starting its roll out to supported Nexus and Pixel devices! It also came with great new statues! And intro video!

- Google is trying it's hardest to get manufacturers to update their devices.



- Somebody did in fact make an Apple Park in Minecraft.

- Why we think the camera is switching orientation on the new phones.

- VUDU is finally coming to Apple TV



- Tacoma is Caleb's indie spotlight of the week.

- Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is coming to the Windows Store.

- New Overwatch map, Junkertown, coming soon.

- Age of Empires remaster coming in October.

- Age of Empires 4 trailer released.

- Xbox One S Mincraft Limited Edtion bundle.

- Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.