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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Oct 24, 2017


It's now officially been 1 year since we started this podcast. And we thank all of you that listen. We really appreciate every one of you that listen. We love doing this and hope to continue for many more years. And if you really want to see what we sounded like when we started, you can here.



- The Pixel 2 is getting some pretty great reviews.

- Google put a custom chip into the Pixel 2 dedicated to the camera.

- ZTE Axon M dual-screen phone.

- Essential Phone gets a $200 price cut.

- 2 launchers to get your Windows Phone fix on Android: Launcher 10SquareHome 2



- Mac Mini turns 3.

- Some dude is suing Apple over the name Animoji. We all hope he wins.

- No Apple event in October. And that is just fine.

- The iPod turns 16.



- Fall Creators update is rolling out.



- Landen and Caleb both really like Cuphead. Even though they both suck at it.

- Minecraft is getting Mixer support.

- More original Xbox games are coming to the Xbox One.

- Halo Master Chief Collection getting remastered.

- Junkensteins Revenge is great.

- Indie Game Spotlight of the week: Syllablade from Naquatic, LLC. Download on Android and iOS.

- Caleb priced out what a minimum gaming PC would run you right now. Spoiler: it's right around $300.