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Jan 9, 2018


It's a new year! And that means it's time for CES. It officially hasn't started as of this posting. But that doesn't mean companies haven't announced things yet. And there are a few non-CES tech news to talk about. Oh, and a smart toilet is coming!



- Control Spotify with Cortana.

- Amazon is bringing Alexa to Windows 10.

- Microsoft lets you pay with Bitcoin.

- Microsoft ends the production of the Kinect adapter

- New Games with Gold.



- LG Display is rumored to be providing some of the OLED displays for the next iPhone.

- Universal apps for iOS and macOS.

- Apple has lowered the price of battery replacements to only $29.


ALWAYS UPDATE YOUR DEVICES FOR SECURITY!!! Sorry for yelling. But seriously, do it.


Calebs first impressions of a $100 smartphone from China.



- Eric Schmidt is now the Bill Gates of Google.


Landen somehow only had to pay student prices for Amazon Prime for 6 years.



- Landen is pissed at Minecraft.

- Indie Game Spotlight of the Week: Influence by Blanket Fort Games.

- Sky, for Apple TV and iOS, is being delayed until March.

- Aspyr has ported Civilization VI over to the iPad.

- The OG Battlefront II recently received an update.



- Intel and AMD have partnered. And Hell has frozen over.

- Nvidia made a TV for gaming.

- Samsung has a consumer ready micro LED TV.

- D-link has a router you can't take advantage of.

- Moen has an Alexa powered showerhead.

- Adobe announced hardware... A security camera.

- HTC announced a Vive Pro Headset.

- Lot's of Chrome OS hardware.

- Kohler is making a smart mirror and smart toilet.







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