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Calling All Platforms Tech and Gaming News

Aug 29, 2017


- Samsung announced the new Note 8 and it's impressive but also quite expensive.

- Verizon sucks.

- Fitbit announced a new smartwatch, the Ionic, and it seems like a pretty good watch if you're looking to get into this market. Also if you don't care what your watch looks like.

- You will now be able to use your...

Aug 22, 2017

 Sit back and relax. Lot's of news from the Android and gaming worlds. And a bit from Apple. And Wes takes us down memory lane.


General Tech:

- Comcast is now a mobile network provider.



- Instant Apps are now available for devices running 6.0 and above.

- New Chromebook Pixel and smaller Google Home may be...

Aug 15, 2017

This week is mostly about rumors. This is the slowest time of year when it comes to tech. We are all just in the waiting phase. 



- LinkedIn integration with Bixby.

- Updated Task Manager

- Xbox Live Creators Program



- Android O coming August 21.

- Google contacts app available for devices running...

Aug 8, 2017


This week we've got everything from some big time Apple leaks to all of us complaining about Windows. In other words, just another week at Calling All Platforms.



- Homepod firmware was 'leaked' giving us some new information about the next iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and I guess a little Homepod...

Aug 1, 2017


We are back once again from a 2 week break. And once again not a lot has happened. But that is going to be changing pretty quickly.



- Is there a new iPhone SE in the works?

- No more iPod Nano or Shuffle

- A Steve Jobs Opera? Really?



- Razer is going to make a hardcore gaming smartphone.

- Pyre is...